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Desert Rose Tours
Grand Opening Sale!

It’s finally here!  Desert Rose Tours is out of it’s “breaking ground” stage, and is finally open!  We have a website, we have a bunch of fabulous tour hosts ready to party, and we’re chalk full of great ideas!

After a month of taking time to prep and work out tedious details, we’re back on track, and ready to rock!

To celebrate, we’re going to start off with a sale!  

Any event booked/scheduled from Feb 10th - March 31st will get 30% off!!  Whoot!!

In addition!  

We’re having a raffle giveaway, with 3 winners!!  Every event booked in Feb or March will be entered to win an additional 20% off!*  

That’s right!!

One author, one musician, and one artist will each have an event for half price!  Double-whoot! :D

We’d love if you could help spread the word- we want to start partying man!  There’s so much out there to celebrate, so lets spread the word, and start planning some awesome parties!

*Only applicable for events scheduled for May or later.  Cover/Trailer reveals will not be entered.  Any Blast, Blitz or Tour will be eligible for entry, if it’s scheduled for May 1st or later.

Thank you to anyone who shares our sale, and/or signs up for an event!

Keep Creating!
~The Desert Rose Team
"Aspire to Inspire."
<![CDATA[Desert Rose Tours is Open and LIVE! :D]]>Mon, 10 Feb 2014 20:58:15 GMThttp://desertrosetours.weebly.com/drt-blog/desert-rose-tours-is-open-and-live-dDesert Rose Tours finally has an official website, and you're there, friend!  Whoot!

We're finally climbing out of the "breaking ground" phase, and moving up into the "Fully Armed and Operational" stage!  Wait, that's the Death Star...still!  Desert Rose Tours is open! *happy dance*

We spent an extra month tweeking everything, ironing out the tedious details, and are now back on track and ready to rumble!  We have a ton of fantastic bloggers ready to host parties, some awesome services and packages for party planning, and are ready to serve our fabulous artistic community!

If you're a fan, consider becoming a tour host, and you'll receive invitations to super-awesome parties!

If you're an author, musician, or artist, feel free to browse around our services, and see if there's some way we can help you promote your amazing creations!! 

If you're just bored, and landed here by random chance, well, welcome!!  Hopefully we helped entertain you for a little while, and maybe introduced you to some awesome art! :D

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or random musings, feel free to contact us using any of the methods on our "Contact Us" page.

We hope you enjoy Desert Rose Tours, as we aspire to inspire!

Keep Creating!
~The Desert Rose Team

"Aspire to Inspire"]]>
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